ROBERT HARDMAN: Has UKIP come of age?

Both the Labour and Conservative parties are scared of them and all the major TV channels are in the pocket of one or other of them so they are under orders to try to trash UKIP before anyone gets a chance to do anything democratic like vote.....

Waiting patiently in a lengthy queue for a cup of tea, Jennifer Brooks from Worthing recalled how she had been among the earliest UKIP members in the Nineties.
What's more, this weekend's gathering is UKIP's 20th birthday party. However, despite a few good lines, the overall tone of his address was flat and managerial

No sooner had they finally become a 'serious' party, than UKIP had become a laughing stock.

Contenders: UKIP has never been higher in the polls, comfortably shoving the Lib Dems into fourth place and nudging the 20 per cent mark

The hottest item at the conference merchandise stand was the yellow and purple UKIP tie (£10 for polyester, £20 for silk).
That had them sitting up. 'We don't need Europe. Don't worry we wont hold this against you, we will save your sorry ass when the time comes. I am a libertarian and as such feel that UKIP, despite their colorful characters are at least transparent, unlike the slippery. Before the MEP's sexist theatricals, the purpose of this conference had been to persuade members - and the outside world - that UKIP has come of age.
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The accompanying image of a pile of dead birds at the foot of a wind turbine appeared to have been manufactured on a primary school computer.
Phil you are way of son, I'm a professional, if you where in the front row you would be under the seat by now.

In 1999, UKIP gained its first three MEPs (including Mr Farage). Can you say the same? I think probably not because it is obvious you haven't really thought things through. I am a lefty, but the meaning of left and right are lost now. The main debates concerned metrication and the preservation of the military hospital in Aldershot.
I agree with Clive Morrison, the commonwealth is what we should focus on.

Come the European elections in May, which many disaffected she male webcam Tory and Labour voters may treat as a guilty pleasure rather than a serious democratic exercise, UKIP claims it will come out on top.
- Phil , London, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 23:16
- gezd200910 , leeds, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 23:00
Challenger: Come the European elections in May, which many disaffected Tory and Labour voters may treat as a guilty pleasure rather than a serious democratic exercise, UKIP claims it will come out on top

To my horror, he went on: 'Give him a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen.'

Just a fortnight ago, UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass jumped ship, bemoaning Mr Farage's 'totalitarian' leadership. It might do the trick as the pre-match fanfare for a boxer, but it doesn't really work for a Captain Mainwaring lookalike. But Lord Jones also endorsed the party's call for a referendum on leaving the EU.
Reflecting the party's quest to be part of the political mainstream, there were also speeches from, among others, the director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, Mrs Thatcher's favourite think-tank. Thanks to all the Eastern Europeans coming in, Commonwealth communities like mine are constantly being pushed further and further down.'

'Some of us remember the great smog of 1952,' said Mr Helmer during his energy spiel. There are advantages for us to stay in and use the EU's  cohesion funds.'
Maturity? No sooner had they finally become a 'serious' party, than UKIP had become a laughing stock
Embarrassment: MEP Godfrey Bloom was thrown out of the party after a series of outbursts prompted Farage to claim Bloom had 'destroyed' his conference
According to Channel 4 News, a teacher at the South London public school had accused the teenage Farage of being a 'fascist' and of 'shouting Hitler Youth songs', although this had not debarred him from being made a prefect.
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- Marie1797 , Beyond The Pale, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 23:13
Even so, Mr Farage's second spell at the helm has delivered the best results in the party's history, culminating in February's Eastleigh by-election, where UKIP thumped the Tories and came within 1,800 votes of the Lib Dem victor, followed by this year's local elections, which produced 227 UKIP councillors.
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- Cromwell , London, United Kingdom, 22/9/2013 02:02

But while UKIP may be the natural political home of Basil Fawlty, comedy goose-stepping is no laughing matter for a party paranoid about being branded the 'BNP in blazers'.
There was a lot riding on his speech.

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They don't sound nearly so convinced when you ask them that.
Welcoming the 400-strong crowd to the 'birth of a great new permanent party', he lamented the fact that only one journalist from a national newspaper (me) had been sent to report it. If any of you actually heard the comments made in the context they were made you would have heard a room full of people laughing very loudly at the jokes. Your second sentence makes no sense whatsoever.
Let's face it, if that had been the Labour or conservative party then none of the media would have paid any attention to she male web cam the row whatsoever.

'When I arrived here from Jamaica in 1969, the Labour lot would have been doing that,' said Clive Morrison, 54, a former Labour councillor from Enfield, and one of a handful of non-white faces in the auditorium. Come the 2004 European elections, it returned 12, rising to 13 last time around.
At the close of play, Mr Farage was blunt. @MailOnline
Refreshing: UKIP party members adore Nigel Farage's gutsy, self-deprecating, saloon-bar, none-of-the-above political style

Fools, like rivals, will not be tolerated.
As Mr Farage argued yesterday, support for a British exit from the EU was 17 per cent when UKIP was born; now it's 67 per cent.
Did he find UKIP's relentless anti-immigration message even faintly racist? After all, as Mr Bloom did not like to be reminded yesterday, the sea of faces on the cover of the conference brochure does not include a single black one.
Did he, like UKIP, want to pull his country out of the EU? 'No. And when Dr Sked attempted to play a recording of the national anthem, he hit the wrong track and out popped the Marseillaise. Dressed in a blazer, tie, pocket handkerchief and poshtastic red trousers, he hardly looked as if he had ever troubled social services, either.
ROBERT HARDMAN: Has UKIP come of age? | Mail Online

A failed party for for the uneducated and ignorant.
All have no doubt that Mr Farage will deliver his 'earthquake' in the European elections next May, pointing out that Britain will have had more than four months of fresh arrivals from the Balkans by then.

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'This is Asia's century,' he said. Dr Sked left back in 1997, saying UKIP was too Right-wing and anti-intellectual, and has now started a new Left-leaning anti-EU party called New Deal.
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The faithful cheered him to the dome of Westminster's Methodist Central Hall.
Several speakers spoke excitedly of the way their party appeals to people of all ages, but the overwhelming complexion of this gathering was grey-haired and male. 'China wants your lunch.
In an elephantine display of political ineptitude, Godfrey Bloom told a fringe meeting that all women were 'sluts', then embroiled himself in a row about racism, walloped a television reporter in the street, lost the party whip by teatime and elbowed Mr Farage off the evening news headlines.

No matter that he also applauded shale gas fracking in a UKIP heartland like Sussex.
Whatever the embarrassments of the day, Mr Farage remains overwhelmingly the dominant figure in this party. - Eric Arthur Blair , Plymouth, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 20:40 ------------------------------------Not sure what you claim to be professional at but it can't be much given the low standard of your English. I am a Kipper and I am neither uneducated, ignorant nor terrified of criticism. Even before Mr Bloom's lunchtime meltdown, Mr Farage had very  publicly upbraided him in his conference address.

'That was very lively for this time of the morning,' exclaimed a rather startled David Coburn, leader of UKIP's London branch.

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Yet he seemed a little flat as he delivered the major speech of this assembly.

'No, the only ones who might come are already here,' said  the NFSB's co-president,  Valeri Simeonov. Nonetheless, he was off-form; more managerial, less Terry Thomas comic turn. But it was a start.

'It wasn't easy to start with but now we've got ten councillors in my area and we're bringing on a new generation,' she said, introducing me to her son, Andrew.
@Marie1797 , Beyond The Pale, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 23:13 - it's not just Channel 4, none of the mainstream channels like UKIP. I'm not pretending anything but you have given everything away by your last comment. 'This place is full of sluts': UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom is booted out of party after bizarre outburst at WOMEN's event - before hitting TV reporter on the head Farage accused of being a racist when at school: Letter claims Ukip leader shouted Hitler Youth songs (but it didn't stop him becoming a prefect)
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. He was sweating like a Tory marginal.
It seems those newly aboard the European gravy train do not share Mr Farage's eagerness to get off.
There would be a nuclear one before the day was over and Mr Bloom had been ostracised .
Uninspiring: Nigel Farage's nerves were not misplaced, as there was much riding on his speech. That's what made Britain great. Did the Bulgarians agree?
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But all the bright lights and gizmos cannot conceal the fact that UKIP remains decidedly amateur in spirit. Oh, and I'm a lot cleverer and richer than you. even BBC must be scared they showing ukip in polls below libdems hahahahahahaaaaaa

That's the trouble with life nowadays the obsession with how people look and sound rather than the content of what they say has taken over.
PUBLISHED: 16:53 EST, 20 September 2013 | UPDATED: 13:50 EST, 21 September 2013
What's more, Mr Farage must have been a good few years younger than Labour's Ed Balls when he was filmed in Nazi uniform at Oxford University.
What sort of age that might be remains to be seen. We saw many of the trappings of the modern national party conference - big video screens and even the odd computer graphic. All the speakers were perspiring, it probably was warm under the lights in that hall.

- Marie1797 , Beyond The Pale, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 23:08

Many, of course, will be delighted that there is still one political party where neckwear is positively encouraged.
- Sick of Injustice , Bath, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 22:54

At 49 and recently retired from the Metropolitan Police, he was not perhaps the ideal advertisement for the party's youth wing but he is, at least, the same age as Mr Farage, for whom he has great admiration. . - Phil, London, ... Kippers are like little blind sheep and are terrified of criticism.
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- Eve , Surrey, 21/9/2013 23:10
Mr Farage had also been rattled by earlier allegations from his schooldays at Dulwich College. It's got a hat in the pocket.'

But what next? Will those disaffected Tories who would be quite happy to return Coco The Clown in the European elections really vote for this lot in a May 2015 general election with a punitive Labour party knocking at the door and the Conservative vote on a knife edge?
Be as unimpressed as you like buddy.
And, besides, all the shale gas revenues would go into a Norway-style sovereign wealth fund for future generations.
This party may sit alongside UKIP in the European Parliament but, quite apart from the unfortunate name, they were hardly on message yesterday.
Whatever it was, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was not merely aglow as he addressed his party conference in London yesterday. Perhaps you should refrain from commenting 'til you've grown up a bit. UKIP the common sense party conference was good, full of positive ideas, hope and plans for a better and successful Britain.
In response, Mr Farage yesterday brushed it off as youthful high jinks, pointing out that some of shemale web cam the teaching staff had been frightful old Lefties. All of which left the faithful expecting great stuff from the eternally unboring Mr Farage. The Tories def would not know what a council estate was or any of the issues faced by the working majority that struggle with children and bills. Farage isn't my leader and I am no-ones follower. India wants your dinner.'

This event is a far cry from the very first UKIP conference, back in the twilight years of the last Tory government. UKIP has never been higher in the polls, comfortably shoving the Lib Dems into fourth place and nudging the 20 per she male webcam cent mark.
By Robert Hardman

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But they might like to tone down the thumping electronic beat - an ersatz Crimewatch theme - which greets every speaker on stage.

- martin , cheshire, 22/9/2013 01:26
- JimJams1213 , Laaandann, 22/9/2013 00:18

Image problem: While UKIP may be the natural political home of Basil Fawlty, comedy goose-stepping is no laughing matter for a party paranoid about being branded the 'BNP in blazers'

Speaking without an autocue, he had some good lines - demanding, for example, closer ties to Commonwealth countries who 'have, as their head of state, the Queen, not Herman Van Rompuy' (a favourite Farage target, Rompuy is the much-mocked President of the European Council). 
A key Farage theme is that up to '29 million' Romanians and Bulgarians will descend on Britain from January 1. I remember it well since I was, unwittingly, the recipient of the first standing ovation in UKIP history.

Was it the air conditioning? Or did he know that one of his MEPs was about to go round the bend on national television? Or had he just taken the stairs three at a time in his rush to the auditorium after a final, furtive fag in the street?

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- wibble , The State is Dishonest, United Kingdom, 21/9/2013 22:41
The conference took place in a lecture theatre at the London School of Economics where the party's founding father, Dr Alan Sked, was a senior history lecturer. This is simply dirty tricks brigades from the media and the liblabcon playing word games rather like they have read "Accidental Death of an Anarchist" by Dario Fo and are twisting words to suit their agenda.
I've come to the conclusion that Channel 4 do not like UKIP and Mr Farge at all.

Here, too, was former trade minister Lord [Digby] Jones, speaking as a cross-bench peer,  urging all political parties to stop treating business as a 'whipping boy' and to think globally. Pr and spin fish and as such will get my vote.
UKIP, he continued, was 'the voice of Great Britain', not Europhile 'little Englanders' like Lords Mandelson and Ashdown.

There was, however, a forceful display from deputy leader, Paul Nuttall, urging party members to focus their energies on rounding up disgruntled Labour voters in the North. It all went down a storm. We need to concentrate on the Commonwealth.

Certainly, none seemed remotely bothered by the new allegations of teenage Nazi sing-songs.
At least no one can accuse them of wasting money on smartypants advertising agencies. This lot hate wind turbines almost as much as they hate the euro.

I weigh 300 pounds, all of it muscle, and I'm a martial artist. It's a shame that this reporter has manipulated the truth of what bloom said. For all yesterday's disasters, things have come a long way.

There has been much vicious infighting along the way. 'Almost all of us,' muttered a disloyal voice behind me. I cannot imagine the chairman of any other party conference prefacing her opening remarks with the words: 'Someone left a blue coat at the chairman's reception last night. Mr Farage had hoped that luminaries like this would lend gravitas and lustre to this conference and his party.

The sign carrying the party slogan - 'Set Britain Free' - fell off the stage. Dont worry though at least UKIP will prove eventually that they are by far the most qualified people in the country to lead, and the LIBLABCON will be out as they are simply, these days, a very very bad and long running joke
The lack of spin, while refreshing to some, could prove dangerous.

In stern Scouse tones, he deplored the Tories as a party who 'wouldn't know a council estate if it fell out of the sky'.
Without actually repeating some of Mr Bloom's recent outbursts - calling poor countries 'Bongo Bongo Land' and so on - he revealed that the two men had recently had a 'blistering row'. Fact is UKIP are saying the things that need to be said and that is why I will vote for them
And he is hardly in the same league as Dulwich's most famous old boy, PG Wodehouse, who earned widespread ignominy for broadcasting on German radio during the war. It was a shambles. After yesterday's extraordinary display of Bloom and bust, it's hardly surprising.

And Mr Farage's mood only worsened later on when his most outspoken MEP managed to upstage his big day completely.

if ukip win the european elections they can win a general election......the support from every site i visit is overwhelming for ukip in every corner of the land. Mr Bloom, he thundered from the platform, had 'destroyed' his conference.

And his members adore his gutsy, self-deprecating, saloon-bar, none-of-the-above political style. - Ted Nuffield , Tonbridge, 21/9/2013 21:52 ++++++++++++++++++++++ .." Phwoar " You sound like my kinda guy Ted......

'He's just completely different from the rest,' he said. They've even redone the logo as a 20p piece with the slogan: 'Ready for another score.'
The whole auditorium rose in salute.

Applause and nods from a rather grand old gent in the 'VIP section'. However, liblabcons are all the same and abuse the trust of our nation for personal gain..

'This party is not racist,' Mr Morrison told me.
  More... I'm far from irked but very amused. There were no big - or even new - announcements in his speech, beyond the promise of a political 'earthquake' next May. Phil you really are deluding yourself. I don't follow anyone and I can't be manipulated by the DM, by you, by Farage or anyone else. but none of them complained I noticed they calmly carried on. Was it wise to open the conference with a rousing speech by an MEP from the new, Eurosceptic National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria?
Britain's future energy supply is a major UKIP bugbear, and there was a sustained assault on wind farms and other 'playground technologies' by energy spokesman Roger Helmer MEP

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